Toastmaster Dani and Table Topics Master Rowena led us brilliantly through yet another fantastic evening.

Dani introduced an inspiring theme of being thankful and grateful for the small things in life. Many people mentioned being grateful for family and friends of course, but more simple things were also raised, such as a nice homemade dinner, time and space to breathe.

Our first speaker Ellen, delivered her icebreaker speech, which is always an exciting milestone, even more so this time as she was our first member to embark on Pathways. She talked about The List towards her happiness which included actions to improve her public speaking and appreciating the little things. Well done to Ellen on completing her first speech and delivering such a sincere & personal story.

Lan gave a powerful delivery of her fourth speech entitled Marching for Our Lives. She highlighted the need for gun reform to avoid more communities being shattered in the US with three main action points: marching, calling and voting.

Our third speaker, Aileen, presented a project from the advanced manual with the aim of selling a product. The Hypersay Tool was enthusiastically sold to us as an innovative way to improve presentations and to help the presenter know the audience, understand the audience and engage with the audience.

In the second part of the meeting,  Rowena led a fun (and slightly feminist) table topics session inviting Marianna, Emma, Shola, Jutta and Ailsa to comment on the differences between men & women on the topics of shootings, gender pay gap, estimating one’s abilities, the relationship between sex & finance and hearing.

We’d like to thank our General Evaluator, Prajesh, for his useful feedback as well as the many other guests who visited our club and of course thanks to Grammarian Marianna & Timer Angie for supporting the meeting and to Esmé for taking on the role of President.

Awards: Lan won the award for best speaker, Emma the award for best table topics speaker and Esmé the award for best evaluator.