About City Women Speakers

We are based in the heart of the City, near Moorgate Station and have been supporting women in the development of communication and leadership skills since March 2006.

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We have a thriving and diverse membership base with a wide range of promising newcomers, through to several highly talented, experienced speakers who are working towards, or have achieved their Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award.

Guests are welcome to attend and to see what our meetings are like. They are held in a large boardroom which provides a fabulous training ground for our speakers, helping them gain confidence in corporate environment, but within the boundaries of a safe, supportive Toastmasters club. Despite our name, men are welcome to attend as guests, however, at this stage, we are unique because we are the sole UK Toastmasters club that only has women members.

When I joined Toastmasters in October 2015, I planned to be a member for a year.  I just wanted to get a little bit of confidence so that I could give the occasional presentation to small groups at work. And maybe gain enough confidence that I would ‘have a voice’ and be able to speak up at meetings.

Four years later and I’ve held 3 roles on my club’s committee (Secretary, VP Public Relations and VP Education) plus a year as Area Director, looking after 7 clubs with 190 members and I’ve just started a year as President of my club, City Women Speakers.  I regularly prepare and deliver 30-45 minute training presentations, organise events with many attendees & presenters and have pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone to the extent that they have given up ….. and disappeared. 

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve ‘found my voice’ and so much more as a Toastmaster and a member of City Women Speakers.

Carrie Gow

Club President