As President of the Club, I have the privilege of speaking at every meeting. I want to seize the opportunity this presents by using the opening minutes of each meeting to share pertinent messages regarding Leadership and Communication (the reason most of us are members of Toastmasters). This week, referencing an article from the August TM magazine; “​The link between Listening and Speaking​”, I stressed the responsibility an audience has in the communication process – listening – active listening.

I was thrilled by how many of the speakers made reference to active listening and the high caliber of evaluations we heard was proof that our evaluators have honed their active listening skills.

We had a full meeting agenda and a full meeting room; 4 speeches and 8 Impromptu speeches, 8 guests and 19 members.

Anju delivered her very first speech in our club, her IceBreaker, “​Managing my Peaks and Valleys​”. Over the next 6 minutes she took us on a journey through three key learnings she gained from the book “Peaks and Valleys”.

Zori weaved the use of an impromptu comedy technique into personal and business application with “ Yes, and …..” encouraging us to agree with people and then rather than using “but” to get our point across, instead use “….and…” to find a way of bringing our perspective into the overall agreement.

Jo then ran us through her training, support and fundraising activities for when she slogged her way through “​The London Marathon​”. She spoke of the motivation she gained from her running club manning a water station and the encouraging hug she received from her boyfriend at the 35km mark.

Sin delivered the club’s first Level 3 Pathways speech with “​What Animal are you?”​ – a speech on conflict resolution and the importance of recognizing what animal you are dealing with, so that you can then find a way to work with them.

The speeches were evaluated (in order) by me, (​Carrie​), ​Veronica, Emma​ and ​Esmé​.

After the break, we had guest introductions and then Table Topics, our impromptu speaking session. Our ​Table Topics Master​ was ​Aga​, who asked questions along the lines of “what was the best decision you’ve ever made?” & “Who/What has surprised you most?” & “Which moment would you like to relive?” The 8 speakers were evaluated by ​Katie​.

Kiran​, who joined us early August, was the Timer for the night, keeping us on target for the scheduled meeting closing time. The word of the day was Zesty which the majority of us managed to slip in once or twice to the delight of ​Eve​, our ​Grammarian​.

We were overjoyed to have ​Dani​, a previous member of our club, join us whilst in the UK on a business trip from Australia and to be our ​General Evaluator​.

  • Best Table Topics – one of our guests, Jessica
  • Best Evaluator – Esmé
  • Best Speaker – Sin
  • IceBreaker – Anju
  • First Time Role – Kiran