Dear All,

Carrie was our Toastmaster for the evening and was helped by our timer Anastasia and grammarian Jo. Araphorostic was the word of the day.

Irina delivered her second speech on the fascinating topic of the 5 language of love. People express love in different ways which may lead to misunderstandings. Words, acts of service, gifts, spending time together and physical touches. Knowing how other people like to receive love is important for long lasting relationships.

Emma delivered a speech on the topic of leadership and how a recent experience with an executive coach had helped her discover more about her own leadership style and overcoming her imposter syndrome.

Shola delivered a speech from the advanced manual aiming to incorporate humour. She shared anecdotes from a recent trip to Rome including being confused with Michelle Obama and buying (2 pairs!!) of new sunglasses.

The speeches were evaluated by Katie, Lynn and Ailsa.

Aga was our Tabletopics master for the evening and brought some unusual photographs with her. Sin, Irina, Kate, Veronica and Stephanie were then invited to the stage to tell us about what happened on the photograph. We heard some funny anecdotes about housemates killing the goldfish, people who are useless with technology, a child in a cage being watched by a bird and a man sitting in a bathtub with a rubber duck on his head. The tabletopics were evaluated by myself.

Irina won the award for best speaker and Katie the award for best evaluator.  Veronica and Irina shared a tie for the tabletopics!

Club announcements:

Our summer party will take place on 26 June. The party team has secured a great venue and we look forward to seeing many of you there. For more info and to register please use the link below.

Best wishes,


29 May 2019 City Women Speakers – Best Speaker
29 May 2019 City Women Speakers – Best Evaluator
29 May 2019 City Women Speakers – Best Tabletopics Speakers
29 May 2019 City Women Speakers