Dungeons and Dragons, metaphorical coffee mugs, repeat icebreakers and thigh-slapping impromptu speeches.  In a nutshell, that recaps our 7 August meeting.  

To elucidate more (elucidate being the Word of the Day), we had 3 Icebreaker speeches from our education program, Pathways. Two were from new members, Laura and Eve, delivering their first ever Toastmasters speeches, and a 3rd from Esmé, our club’s Immediate Past President.

Laura dispelled the myth that Dungeons and Dragons is a game just played by teenage boys and in the process, shared some insight into the reasons why she loves the game, and how she can be strong, brave and courageous when playing one of her D&D characters, Doris, which helps her escape the real-world To Do list and her real-world battle with jam-jars.

Eve kept is on the edge of our seats as she talked about waking with a smile on her face, taking cold showers, and then getting soaked as she splashed herself while washing out the morning coffee mug with the water tap turned on full.  She used the mug as a metaphor for her reasons for joining Toastmasters and gave us all food for thought regarding sincere, “present” eye contact.

Our third “icebreaker” was from Esmé, who has been a member since January 2017 and in that time has delivered 10 speeches from the Competent Communicator manual plus a few workshops and as President of our club, has opened and closed 26 meetings so this speech was by no means her “Icebreaker”. It was, however, the first speech from her Pathways Persuasive Influence path and as such, qualified as an icebreaker.   Esmé reflected on some of her previous speech topics, aptly reminding us throughout that this was not a real icebreaker, before giving us a taster of what she has planned for the coming 12 months.

Laura’s speech was evaluated by Siobhán, Eve’s speech by Ailsa and Esmé’s by Julia.

After a 15-minute networking break, the meeting was resumed with everyone’s favourite, Table Topics, the impromptu speaking section of the evening. Veronica led us through this with a very entertaining series of short speeches with had members/guests applying for jobs while pretending to be a celebrity. To name a few, we had Beyoncé wanting to be a Hotel Cleaner, Bill Gates applying to be a Life Guard and the most entertaining and convincing of them all, Hillary Clinton applying to be a Night Security Guard.

Katie, our Toastmaster, took us on a trip around the world with her theme “If you could be a place, what place would you be and why”. We heard of Himalayan mountain peaks, the Roman arena in Verona, hidden cafes, organised chaos of Tokyo, unground rivers in Mexico and ….cool pillows. Our Grammarian, Emma kept us on our toes making sure we didn’t use too many um’s and ah’s and gave a review of the fabulous use of grammar we’d heard from our speakers.  Nayeli did a terrific job as Timer, tracking times for all speakers and finally, we had Rachel, from Kings Cross Speakers as our General Evaluator.

Best Speaker went to Esmé.

Best Evaluator to Julia

Best Table Topics to Hillary Clinton – oops – I mean, our guest, Jane.

Club News:

–          The Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest will be held on the 2nd of October.   Katie and Zori are the Contest Chairs for the evening. Please get in touch with them if you want to be a contestant or want to help out in some other capacity (Counter, Timer, SAA or Judge)