Dear all,

It was lovely to see so many of you at the last meeting. Sim was our Toastmaster for the evening on 1st May which is a bank holiday in many countries, including in Germany. Sim shared with us what a typical 1st of May looks like in her hometown; it involves walking around the vineyards and tasting different wine!

Sim was helped by our timer Zori and grammarian Irina, who presented the word “topophilia” as the word of the day.

We had a packed agenda with four speakers and a mystery guest!

Our first speaker Yunkun delivered her icebreaker speech. She spoke about Wu Zetian and explained to us why she thinks this empress is the greatest woman in China. She introduced us to her life at a time when China was a world power and at the centre of global trade under the Tang dynasty.

Next, Barbora delivered a practice speech for her chartered surveyor exam presentation. She confidently spoke about a student accommodation development project in Sheffield and argued the case for not investing in this project and explained how she came to this conclusion. Good Luck Barbora!

I delivered a speech from the Successful Club Series on committee roles. At the end of June the club will hold elections and a new committee will take over, meaning the President, VP Education, VP Membership, VP Public Relations, Sergeant at Arms, Secretary and Treasurer roles are up for election. Let me know if you’re interested or have any questions.

Our last speaker Shola completed an advanced speech about an abstract concept. She introduced us to the belief of Ifa and the inexistent concept of the devil according to the people from this region in Nigeria. She explained instead how the character of Issue plays a key role in their beliefs.

  The speeches were evaluated by Ailsa, JT, Katie and Carrie.

After the break, we were delighted to welcome our mystery guest Manoj Vasudevan, who was 2017 Toastmaster International World Champion of Public Speaking. It was an honour to have him visit our club (Thanks to Carrie for organising) and to learn from his experience of competing in the International Speech Contest.

The award for best speaker and best evaluator were won by myself and Carrie respectively.

Club announcements:

We need two volunteers to help us organise our summer party. This will take place on our last meeting in June (26th June). This involves finding a nice restaurant to host our last meeting of the Toastmaster year. Please get in touch if you’d like to help.

Best wishes,



1 May 2019 City Women Speaker 1/3
1 May 2019 City Women Speakers 1/3
1 May 2019 City Women Speaker 2/3
1 May 2019 City Women Speakers 2/3