What an energetic evening with a number of calls to action! Carrie was the Toastmaster of the evening and led us through with the theme “Pushing Ourselves out of our Comfort Zone”, which is one of the many things our club members excel at.

We had two prepared speeches for the meeting. It started with Suzannah’sthird speech in the Competent Communication manual. The speech was entitled “Oh No!” And the objective is to get to the point. Suz used the six minutes to tell us why we should say “no”, why we find it difficult to say “no”; and when & how to say “no”. Saying “no” doesn’t mean you are not open to opportunities, you are saying “no” to those that don’t fit with your own plan. And sometimes, saying “no” will gain respect. The call to action – “say no!”

The second speech was from Aileen with the speech entitled “Why We should be a Less Tolerant Society”. It was project #4 Addressing the Opposition in the advanced annual “Persuasive Speakers”. Aileen used her own example, the current political affairs and a wealth of quotes to encourage us not to remain silent on the behaviours we don’t agree with. We shouldn’t be tolerant with attitudes that promote divisiveness in the society. We should be intolerant of tolerance. The call to action – “speak up and take action when you disagree”.

Thank you to Maria for leading us through a table topics session (impromptu speaking) which not only tied in with the comfort zone theme but also factored in a question based around the word of the day. Utilising both skills there – preparing questions in advance but quickly throwing in an impromptu question!

Our evaluators were Dani, Esmé and Ailsa. Thank you all, and thanks to Ailsa for stepping up in the last minute! Special thanks to our GE evaluator Kendal Parmar from Broadgate Speakers Toastmaster club.

The word of the day was Vacillate. Thank you also to our timekeeper and new member, Elena.

Best Table Topics Speaker went to Kendal Parmar and Best Evaluator was awarded to Dani.