Happy New Year!

This was our first meeting for 2018.

I was the Toastmaster and Acting President for the evening and we had a fabulous meeting. What a great start!

Thank you to Angie who opened the session as SAA.

We had three prepared speeches. The first speech was from Sim with her ice breaker speech entitled “Ice Breaker”. She gave a brave and balanced introduction of her great achievements and difficulties, which was really emotional and inspiring.

This was followed by Jane with her project #8 in the competent communication manual “The JR factor”, calling all the ladies: don’t let the fashion dictate you.

Esmé was the third speaker delivering her 7th speech “A year without new clothes”, providing environmental and social reasons why she has decided not to buy any clothes this year.

Our evaluators were Esmé, Lan and Sim.

Thank you to Emsé for leading us through the table topics session about what you do when things go wrong at Christmas (impromptu speaking).  Jane, Victoria, Barbora and myself participated in this during the second half of the evening. Angie provided evaluations to the table topic speakers.

Thank you also to our grammarian JT for providing the word of the day resolve and to our timekeeper Suzannah.

Best Speaker went to Sim, Best Table Topic Speaker to Barbora, and Best Evaluator was awarded to Esme.
As always, we were joined by a couple of guests (Victoria and Emma); we hope you enjoyed our club meeting and that we can welcome you again soon! Just sign up on Eventbrite.


Acting President, WiBF Speakers-City

 Zhenzhen Zhao