What an INTREPID bunch we were at the latest meeting!  21 Members and 7 Guests zoomed into our lounge rooms/spare rooms ….and even what looked to be someone dialling in from a bathroom – that was a first!

Eve was the latest member to brave the role of Virtual Toastmaster and she effortlessly led us through a meeting which seemed to be over all too quickly – we were having such fun!  Eve ended the meeting unscathed, happy and empowered by the experience, which is proof, yet again, that we all need to rise to the challenges and opportunities being presented to us these days, with our ‘virtual’ life.

Ahead of the meeting, Eve got in touch with various members and asked that given 10 June was International Iced Tea Day, what would we nominate as an “international day” if we could. 

  • International Furry Scarf Day
  • International Brinner Day (that is eating breakfast food at dinner in case you’re not familiar with “brinner”)
  • International Try Something New Day

….. these are a selection of the many suggestions she received. 

Thanks to a last-minute drop-out, we had just two prepared speeches, but this allowed us to amend the agenda and add in everyone’s favourite – impromptu speaking!

Shruti gave us insight to her family life with an entertaining Parenthood and its Perils speech while I provided insight to my drama queen nature with Birthzilla in Denial as I planned my milestone birthday.

Siobhán explored ‘Seeking Solace in Sound’ as her TABLE TOPICS theme which revealed artists and tracks such as Fat Boy Slim, We Will Rock You, 500 Miles and Verdi’s ‘Requiem’ which people would take with them to a deserted island.

The speeches were evaluated by Georgina and Julia and Table Topics by Rowena.

Jenny, our newest member, took on her first meeting role, TIMER, and kept track of how long we all spoke for and Amina, our Grammarian provided the Word of the Day INTREPID and kept her ear out for good uses of the English language, along with keeping a tally of those favourite filler words um/er/so/you know

Best Evaluator: Joint Winners – Julia and Rowena

Best Table Topic: Laura

24 June is our Summer Party event (Member’s Only). Please join us and help thank & wave goodbye to the committee who have looked after the club for the past 12 months, and then welcome the new committee. There will be a celebration of the many awards the club and members have received in the 2019/2020 year and maybe a surprise or two being revealed……
Please click here for details of our next club meeting

Carrie Gow