What a great way to start to the new Toastmasters year!I opened the evening for the first time as your new president and we had an energetic meeting led by Rowena as our Toastmaster and Shola as our Table Topics Master around the theme of British summer and sports. They were helped by our Timer Aga and Grammarian Rochelle who introduced warm as the word of the day.It was a meeting full of achievements as Sofia delivered her Icebreaker speech and Marianna completed her Competent Communicator (CC) Manual.Sofia’s icebreaker was on how she liked to plan everything by using lists and even sketching a life plan as a child.  The idea of working in Finance, in London had never crossed her mind, nor had it been part of her plan but she actually really enjoys it now.Zhenzhen delivered her fourth speech of the CC manual speaking about her home refurbishments: breaking ground without breaking up.   As she described the work completed in her house we learnt some useful tricks on how not to damage the relationship with your partner.Marianna completed her last speech in the CC series and talked about the four seasons of a tree and how these are a metaphor of our own lives, even though contrary to trees we have the ability to move our roots.The speeches were evaluated by Ailsa, myself and Julia respectively.Shola introduced a table topics session around the theme of sports where we learnt how Rowena would like to introduce social media skills as an olympic sport, and the challenges of climbing Mount Everest from NicoleZhenzhen shared with us that she enjoys listening to podcasts while she goes for a run and Marianna would have loved to have attended the 1984 Moscow Olympics.Sofia won the award for best speaker, Ailsa the award for Best Evaluatorand Rowena the award for Best Table Topics speaker.Esmé