I can’t believe we are halfway through the Toastmasters year already!

Last Wednesday we gathered for the very last meeting of 2018 as we practised our speaking skills with a very Christmassy themed meeting.

Maria was our Toastmaster for the evening, doing an excellent job as her first time in the role! She guided us through the evening with her Christmas theme and introduced everyone by explaining their favourite thing about the holiday season. She was helped by the Timer Kate and Grammarian Katie who introduced the word bountiful as the word of the day.

We had three speeches for the evening:

Jo delivered her Icebreaker speech  Exploring the Ocean and transported us to the warmth of the Maldives, and its crystal clear blue lagoon as we experienced with her how she saw an eagle ray underwater on a diving trip.

Siobhán delivered the next speech, which was from the “Research your Topic” project,  where she evidenced her research to explain the theory of the Selective Frame.  Whilst ‘only 6 months or ‘already 6’ months both refer to the same amount of time, the frame around it completely changes how we picture it.

I delivered a speech on the outcomes of our Moment of Truth session, a recent workshop we held at the club to hear members and guests suggestions on how to be even better. Here are the changes we will be making:

  • First impressions can be improved by introducing guests earlier on in the meeting, we tried right after the break and will also experiment with doing this in the first half.
  • Meeting organisation can be improved by ensuring the Table Topics Master knows who they’re going to ask for the different table topics, so this will be part of the role, i.e. speaking to people during the break to see who would like and who doesn’t want to participate.
  • Meeting organisation can also be improved by providing an example of a typical agenda with our guests – this is now available on the website.
  • Fellowship can be improved by encouraging more interclub events – as a result, we have provided our members with all the details you need to go and explore other clubs in our area

The speeches were evaluated by Ailsa and Carrie.

In the second half of the meeting, we had a wonderful session of Tabletopics organised by Marieke. In turns myself, Carrie, Katie, Ailsa, Jo and Kate participated in a Christmas pantomime, replaying the scenes of the fairytale Snow White.  The Tabletopics were evaluated by Carrie.

The award of Best Table Topics speaker was won by Ailsa acting the prince and I won the award for Best Speaker.

Club announcements:

We will host our international speech contest and evaluation contest on Wednesday 6 March and we’ll need speakers, evaluators to compete as well as people to help organise and chair the contest, please let me know whether you would like to participate in this fun event!

The area contest will be held on 20 March. More details to follow soon.

How about getting out of your comfort zone by visiting another club in the area – for example, you could be a general evaluator or deliver a speech.   Contact either myself (Esmé) or Carrie for further information.

Jo is exploring Toastmasters with her Icebreaker Speech “Exploring the Oceans”