Dear all

What a great start of the new Toastmaster year this Wednesday! Ailsa, our Club’s Immediate Past President, was our Toastmaster of the eveningand took us through an amazing Toastmaster voyage.

We had 3 prepared speeches. It was exciting to see two of our members, Suzannah and Rochelle, officially embarked on their Toastmaster public speaking journey by delivering their icebreaker speech (the first speech in the Competent Communicator Manual), followed by an excellent story reading delivered by our experienced speaker JT.

The meeting started with Suzannah sharing her journey on finding out the goal in her life through her icebreaker speech “A work in progress”. It is from “don’t know what I want to do” at age 14, to “having a great lifestyle but not happy” at age 27, to “reflection and finally found the passion of the life – life coaching” at age 29. It resonated greatly with a lot of us. Suz, good luck with the completion of the 5-months coaching course this weekend and all the best to your next 6-months training!  

Rochelle’s icebreaker speech “Journey to District 91” took us through her amazing voyage around the world, Barbados, Belgium, London and some small countries that she didn’t even know the name. She loved meeting new people, and a random chat with a political journalist led her to join Toastmaster District 91 a few years later.

JT followed with her first speech from the Interpretive Reading advanced manual. She read to us a few chapters of “Flying with Condors”, one of her most cherished books gifted by her friend in the year she fell in love with skydiving. There was a moment that we all felt that we could fly! Apparently, we all loved her voice as well!

Thank you to Zhenzhen for leading us through a very seasonal table topics session (impromptu speaking), traveling, during the second half of the evening.

Our evaluators were Esme, Jane and Rowena. Thank you all, especially to Esme who very kindly stood in at the last minute! Special thanks to our GE evaluator Ben Auffarth from Data Science club.

Thank you also to our grammarian Maria for providing the word of the day voyage and to our timekeeper Rochelle (Two roles in one meeting – thank you!).

Best speaker went to JT, best evaluator to Barbora, and best table topics speaker was awarded to one of our guests, Zaz Purewsuren.
As always, we had some guests (Elena, Emily, Jini and Zaz), we hope you enjoyed our club meeting and that can welcome you again soon! Just sign up on Eventbrite @

Club Business

  1. Meeting on 26th July – please do bring yourself and your friends and colleagues to come to our next meeting on 26th July. Our UK & Ireland champion Simon Bucknall will come to our club to deliver his two speeches prepared for the international competition in Vancouver in August. It is a great opportunity to learn from an excellent speaker. The only ask is to provide feedback – the more the merrier for Simon to perfect his speeches and win the international championship! Come and support our UK & Ireland champion!
  2. The Humorous speech and Table Topics contest is fast approaching. We will host the contest on 20th September. Carrie Gow will organise the speech contest, and please do let Carrie and I know if you are interested in participating in the contest.       We also need one more person to help Carrie. By helping out, this would help you to tick off 1 of the Project 6 Organisation and Delegation in the Competent Leadership manual.
  3. Stand-up Comedy Course. David Jones, five-times UK & Ireland Impromptu Speech champion, is going to run another sought-after stand-up comedy course starting from Friday 15th September. He has run thirteen stand-up comedy courses for beginners since 2009. The Early Bird price is £425 if you book before 1st August. Please let me know if you are interested, I will then give you more details.

Please don’t forget to sign up for the next meeting.

Have a great weekend. I look forward to seeing you soon in our next meeting on 26th July.