To City Women Speakers

This was our 4th virtual meeting and it was just as well we didn’t hold it in our traditional Board Room environment as it would have been a case of “standing room only”.  We had 21 members, including our newest member, Rachel, plus 5 non-Toastmaster guests, plus two Toastmasters from other clubs, Nadia from UAE Ladies Toastmasters returning for her 2nd visit and our Area L56 Director, Elaine.

Aga was our Toastmaster for the evening, and she led us through the session with her usual calm, composed, confident demeanour.

“diverse” is an apt word to describe the topics and each speech’s objectives.   Speeches came from Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Pathways programme and covered topics such as rewiring a plug, tips on being “likeable”, the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition (& Dorothea Lange) and how to transform an experience involving phobia, failure or shock into something powerful, filled with possibilities.

The Speakers:

Kate with The Power of DIY

Anju with Being Likeable

Lynn with The Summer Exhibition (Best Speaker)

Eve with A Therapist’s Guide to Shock

The Evaluators:



Esmé (Best Evaluator)


Nadia, our Guest Toastmaster from Dubai, provided us with praise and food for thought with her General Evaluation.   

Thanks to Shruti who took on the Timer role for the first time and Katie, as our Grammarian, introduced the Word of the Day Superfluous along with keeping a keen ear out for examples of engaging and appealing language and noting down areas were improvements would enhance the message.

Club Announcements:

Have you been missing Table Topics?  If so, make sure you sign up to the 27 May and 26 June meetings as we will be having TT at both meetings.  From the next meeting onwards we aim to alternate between having 4 Prepared Speeches one meeting and then 2 Prepared Speeches + Table Topics at the other meeting.  The objective here is to deliver what our members want; speaking slots and impromptu speech practice but in a 1 ½ hour meeting window.  You asked for it – we are delivering it! 😊
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Carrie Gow