15 April was the club’s second Zoom meeting and I am happy to report that it was another success.  The committee put into action newly learned tricks such as using the CoHost and the Waiting Room features and discovered how helpful it is for the hosts to be alerted to someone entering the meeting with a little chime. What new things will we implement at the next meeting?

We also tried to keep the meeting down to 1.5 hours, conscious that many of us are now spending significantly more time sitting in front of our screens than in the pre lockdown/WFH days. 

**With this in mind, be warned – your Timer will start to clap if you go more than 30 seconds over your time limit, and if you are the Grammarian, or the Toastmaster of the evening, you too need to keep an eye on your agenda timings otherwise the Timer will be flashing you the red card.

Aga was our Toastmaster for the evening, leading us through the event with aplomb. Armelle, a member from a few years back who has recently rejoined the club, was our Timer and Helen who we haven’t seen much of for many months due to her work commitments and residential location took advantage of the virtual meeting set-up and was our Grammarian.  Formidable was the Word of the Day.

Kiran delivered the first prepared speech.  This project had the objective of talking on a topic that is unfamiliar to the audience, but delivering the message in such a way that there is good audience connection.  Prior to this speech, I knew nothing about Directors and Officers Liability Insurance but with The ABCs of D&Os Kiran enlightened many of us and kept us engaged as she provided topical examples to recent trends in this area.

Jo delivered the 3rd & final speech in her Level 2 path, giving thanks to her Mentor, Anqi (current member and 2017/2018 CWS President) sharing the mentee/mentoring journey that Jo has been on since she joined CWS and explaining how Anqi has contributed to her progression within the club, the club’s committee and her audit team at work.

Esmé’s Researching and Presenting project (the 4th and final speech in Level 1) called for her to research a topic that she was unfamiliar with and to organise the speech with clear transitions between points of interest.   Insects apocalypse and why it matters captivated us from the start with talk of Pandas and Orangutans and how most of the world are aware of the endangered status of these species, but what about insects? She brought home the economic ramifications of the dwindling insect population (crops needing to be manually pollinated) and gave us some tips on things that each of us could do to help pollinating insects survive.

JT gave a talk on 3 authors whom she stumbled across in different ways, for different reasons, but authors she has continued to follow and learn from.  This was a speech from one of the advanced manuals Speaking to Inform and did she deliver on the “inform”? Yes, she did! She gave us the background to the authors, what they did which piqued her interest and what we might get if we chose to read some of their content. In case you are interested:

–        Hassan Osman: https://www.writerontheside.com/

–        Joanna Penn: https://www.thecreativepenn.com/podcasts/

–        Emma Davies:  https://ayearwithmycamera.com/

The speeches were evaluated by ShrutiSinGeorgina and Lynn.

Best Speaker: Kiran

Best Evaluator: Sin

Club News:

  • Table Topics Workshop (27 May): For some members, TT are the best part of the meeting, for others, they are dreaded.  Come along to this interactive workshop and learn a few new skills which may make you love impromptu speeches even more, or help ease the angst you feel for them if you are in that camp
  • Congratulations to JT who completed her Advanced Communicator Bronze award with the delivery of speech this evening.  This will be the last “Communicator” award that our club receives because from 1 July, the transitional period between the old traditional education programme and Pathways comes to an end. Going forward, all the awards will be from Pathways (having said that, we have one Competent Leader award still to come from the traditional programme…)
  • Congratulations to Sin, who came third in Division L’s Evaluation Contest which was held on 17 April.  The competition was stiff, and she was up against some very advanced evaluators
  • All the best to Eve who will represent our Division at the Division 91 Table Topics Contest which takes place online as part of D91’s Annual Conference.  £25 is all it will cost for you to register and watch 4 contests and have recordings of all the workshops from this two-day online event. https://conference.d91toastmasters.org.uk/
  • Committee Roles for the 2020/2021 year, starting 1 July.  Being on the club’s committee is an ideal opportunity for expanding your leadership experience whilst still safely within an encouraging and supportive environment.  If you would like to learn more, please contact me (carriegow.toastmasters@gmail.com)
  • Summer Party.   This normally takes place on the last meeting in June. During this meeting we say thanks & farewell to the outgoing committee and introduce the new committee.  There is a chance that restaurants will be open by the 24th of June but to be on the safe side, we are planning a virtual meeting at this stage.  Please put the 24th into your diary as we will be planning something special  

Please click here for details of our next club meeting

Carrie Gow