What a superb evening led by the Toastmaster Aileen with the theme “Personal Heroes”.

The word of the day, “Lucidity” was highly appropriate as our 3 prepared speeches delved into clearly researched, logically structured and well-articulated subjects, starting with Marianna’s5th speech in the Competent Communication manual (“CC”) “Ukraine”. Marianna tackled the philosophical question of “Who am I?”; and told us that it is how we dress, the way we speak and our core value that makes us “us”.  Dressed in a traditional Ukraine outfit, which she removed towards the end of the speech, revealing a day to day outfit underneath but still in very similar colours to the traditional costume, she even broke into song so definitely met the objectives of using stance, movement, gestures as part of the speech delivery.

“Who am I?” by Marianna

Maria delivered her 4th speech “Achieving Gender Power Balance in Organizations”. Maria is passionate about this subject and having completed a Master’s Degree on it, a short 7 minutes was of course far too brief for Maria to expand on her views, but she slickly walked us through the current status of gender power balance, the causes of it and suggested a few solutions.

Maria speaking on Gender Balance

The third speaker of the evening was Jane with the speech entitled “The Importance of Attitude”. Different from the previous two speeches, this was a mock speech in preparation for the TEDx event Jane was participating in on the 25th of November. Jane shared her life changing experience that turned her from a person whose own attitudes let her down to a person who understood the importance of perseverance and pursuing the dreams step by step. It was an incredibly moving and inspiring story.

Jane rehearsing for her TEDx talk

I would like to welcome our new member Simonetta Harding to our club and to welcome back our existing member Aileen back from her long family holiday!

Thank you to Carrie for leading us through a brilliant table topics session (impromptu speaking) with the theme aligned to “Personal Heroes” during the second half of the evening.

Our evaluators were Angie, Marianna, Armelle and myself, Anqi. Thank you all! Special thanks to our GE evaluator Freddie Daniells from Excalibur Speakers club.

Thank you also to our grammarian Esmé for providing the word of the day Lucidity and to our timekeeper Sim.

Best Speaker went to Jane, Best Table Topics speaker to our GE evaluator Freddie, and Best Evaluator was awarded to Armelle.

Freddie showing us how to deliver a great table topic talkAs always, we had several guests includingYamina and our Area Director, Armelle; we hope you enjoyed our club meeting and that we can welcome you again soon!