Our Toastmaster, Marianna and Table Topics Master, Barbora brilliantly led us through the evening.

Our first speaker, Ellen delivered her second Pathways speech with “An Introduction to FSI”. She explained very professionally how the fund invests in infrastructure along the risk-return spectrum. It invests for the long term with a goal to add value by influencing change.

Next up on the stage was Sim, with her speech about “Carnism”, giving us a compelling argument to become vegan. She walked us through the three defence mechanisms of carnism which are denial, justification and cognitive distortion. I am sure many of us still have horror visions of golden retriever puppy meat lasagne!  Eek!

Shola was our third speaker, completing a project from the Successful Club Series about the Toastmaster Promise. To make the most out of the toastmaster experience members should participate by regular attendance, taking roles, interacting by providing feedback and/or becoming a club officer. Maintaining club quality is a key feature and one way this is achieved is by bringing guests.

Our final speaker, Dani delivered her first speech from Pathways. There were gasps of astonishment when we heard that TED speakers spend an average of 100 hours preparing for their 15 minute presentations but to ease us out of this state of shock, Dani gave us some useful tips on how to improve our speech preparation. Efficient preparation involves 1) getting familiar with the environment/room that you will be delivering the speech in 2) focusing on the rhythm rather than learning words off by heart and 3) practicing in front of other people – make your rehearsal as close to the “real deal” as possible.

Our Table Topics Master Barbora led a fun TT session based on her experience as a member of a bookclub. In turns, speakers were asked to comment on statements she had read in some of the books. Sofia and Emma discussed equality and patriarchy as described in Sapiens, a History of Humankind. Ailsaand Dani commented on intuition vs analysis and the filter bubble which Barbora had read about in Thinking Fast and Slow. And lastly, Nadine and Esmédebated around the thesis of Confession of a Sociopath.

Well done to Dani who won both the award for Best Speaker and Best Table Topics speaker and Carrie for winning Best Evaluator. Also well done to Marianna for her first time as our Toastmaster with a royal wedding theme. And a big thank you to Nadine and Beatrice for visiting our club.

Dani – Best Speaker
Dani – Best Table Topics Speaker
Toastmaster Marianna
Carrie – Best Evaluator