What a great evening full of fantastic moments delivered by our Toastmaster of the evening Esméand Table Topic Master Marianna.

  1. It was one of our outstanding members Nadine’s last WiBF Toastmaster meeting, before she heads off to Munich to embark on an exciting career adventure. She gave another excellent speech in the evening and left us with some food for thought along with some delicious home-baked cookies.
  2. It was a meeting celebrating our member Jane Harries’ success in having won the table topic competition at Division contest. What a great achievement! She has proudly taken on the challenge to compete at the final stage of the competition – the District contest on 4th Nov.
  3. It was a meeting where our members took liberties and audaciously broke the rules – starting with our Timer who gave a longer than usual, but very educational introduction to the role of the Timer, followed by one of our prepared speakers, Carrie having told our timer not to buzz when the time was up and delivered a wonderful but long 11 minutes speech; then our Table topics Toastmaster Marianna embraced a superfluous style and delivered four impromptu speech style table topics questions spilled with imagination; and lastly but not least our general evaluator and also our former club member / president Sayara openly ignored our timer’s reminder with, how I should put it, a friendly no and delivered fantastic and constructive feedback. Well done, ladies!

We had three prepared speeches in the evening. It started with Carrie using photos to show us the devastating impact of plastics – the image of a dead bird’s body full of plastic in Midway Island sent a shocking message to all of us; and how we as an individual could take actions and make an impact – “It Starts With One”..

Dani was the second speaker with speech #2 from the Competent Communicator Manual entitled “Medicine for the Mind”. Dani used the speech to raise awareness of mental health – a theme that timely echoed with the world Mental Health Day on 10th Oct. She also gave us 3 ways in which we might help people around us who potentially have some form of mental illness; tuning in, enquiring “Is everything ok?” and taking actions such as a simple smile or offering a leave day etc..

The third speaker of the evening was Nadine. Different from the other two speakers, Nadine delivered a speech from the advanced communication manual Speech by Management with the objective Appraise with Praise. On the stage, she did a role play conversation with Elisabeth, and showed us the skills to navigate the conversation and provide constructive guidance to lead people “From Good to Great”.

Thank you to Marianna for giving us a fun table topics session (impromptu speaking) during the second half of the evening. She led us through a spellbinding fairy tale journey that allowed the participants to have three wishes.

Our evaluators were Shola, Jane, JT and Zhenzhen.Thank you all! Special thanks to our GE evaluator Sayara Beg from Data Science club; and to Shola for the facilitator role in Nadine’s interview session.

Also thanks to Maria as Sergeant at Arms, Ailsa as Timekeeper and Suz as Grammarian with the word of the day Superfluous.

The Best Speaker went to Carrie, Best Evaluator to JT, and Best Table Topics speaker was awarded to Jane.

As always, we had several guests including(Wafa, Eduardo, Prem and Laura); we hope you enjoyed our club meeting and that we can welcome you again soon! Just sign up on EventBrite.