Our meeting was in its usual format with three prepared speeches and their evaluations, then a short break before we had guest introductions and our impromptu speaking session, Table Topics.

The theme of the meeting was Brexit, and we heard quite a few great jokes about it. 

The word of the day was copious, which means abundant in supply or quantity.

Kiran​, one of our newer members, kicked off the night with her icebreaker speech. As it was an introductory speech, she shared some fun facts about herself. We found out that she went to a silent meditation retreat where, for four days, she has not spoken to anyone. We also found out she had a near-death experience while traveling in the Philippines. Another interesting thing we found out is that she is a member of an improvisation comedy group. She kindly invited us to her next year’s show. 

Nayeli delivered the 2nd speech from her Presentation Mastery path, about The Happiness Advantage. It was a fascinating speech about what makes us happy, based on a book with the same name. She involved the audience and gave us four simple tips to increase the level of happiness and productivity by 40%:

  1. Every morning think about three things that you are grateful for
  2. Every evening write about a positive experience you had
  3. Practice mindfulness and meditation
  4. Money can buy happiness (experiences, not material things) – in the sense that it allows us to share beautiful moments with the people we love.

Eve delivered her 1st speech from her Presentation Mastery path on how pretending can change your life. She started her speech talking about a simple hammer in a hardware store, which, if sprayed gold, can turn into art. She then went on to talk about education, work, and relationships and highlight the constrained thinking that we all have. The ending was empowering and inspiring, urging us to use this approach to improve our lives.

The speeches were evaluated by Ailsa, Katie, and Maria​, each of whom provided commendations and recommendations on the speeches.

After the break, our Sargent at Arms, ​Jo​, lead us through the introductions of our guests, and then it was time for our ​Table Topics Master​, Lynn, to challenge us. The questions ranged from ‘What is your worst journey ever?’ to ‘What was your most unusual meal?’. 

Best Speaker: Eve

Best Evaluator: Veronica

Best Table Topic: Rosana