Did you set any goals for 2020? Career goals? Health goals? Financial goals? Holiday goals? What about Toastmaster goals?

We are 7 weeks into the year. If your goals have fallen by the wayside it’s not too late to dust off that list, review it and crack on with taking small steps towards the first milestone.

We had 4 speeches tonight from Toastmasters who are progressing toward their speaking goals. Anju delivered her 3rd speech in Level One, Before and After, entertaining us and almost convincing us that TFL is trying to teach us something beneficial. Now that Georgina has delivered Desperately Seeking Productivity she is halfway to completing Level One – and utilising the three productivity tips she shared, she should soon be into Level Two.

JT had us captivated with her delivery of Charisma, an ‘abstract concept’ project from the Advanced Speaker Series. Just one more speech and she’ll receive her Advanced Communicator Bronze award.

You could hear a pin drop as Donna readout New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern’s 29 March 2019 speech from 2 weeks after the Christchurch mosque shooting. This was a project from the Interpretative Reading manual. Donna has recently completed her High-Performance Leadership project and is on track to complete her Distinguished Toastmaster award by 30 June.

Four women all on track to achieve their Toastmaster Goals! And making sure they all know what they did well and where small tweaks could be made to improve their speech writing/speech delivery were our four evaluators; Esmé, Barbora, Ailsa and Laura.

With a goal of pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone, Veronica took to the stage as our Harkmaster, a role I’ve not seen done in our club before. Veronica had to pay careful attention to all the speakers, before then asking the audience a series of questions, rewarding the correct answers with a Lindt truffle. The cacophony of replies was a testament to the active listening in the audience.

Sitara kept the meeting running on time. Kiran encouraged us to use the Word of the Day; salubrious and also kept a sharp ear out for good and poor use of grammar. Finally, Nadya, Area K58 Director, gave an overall general evaluation of her experience with us during the meeting.

Best Speaker: Donna (a visiting member from Bank Speakers)
Best Evaluator: Esme
First Timer Role: Sitara.

Club Announcements:

  • Past President, Anqi gave birth to Astrid Guo Nielsen, 4 February, weighing 3.54kg
  • Sargent at Arms, Jo got engaged to Simon, her boyfriend of 5 years+ on New Year’s Eve and is getting married on the 18th of April this year.
  • Club Secretary, Zori & her boyfriend of two years, Ross, are expecting a baby early June.
  • Dates of Club, Area and Division contests were shared by Veronica on Thursday (20 Feb) please get in touch with me if you are interested in attending as a member of the audience, a judge or a contest functionary