We had a full house for our last meeting, and what an fantastic one it was! Ailsa was our toastmaster for the evening and introduced the theme of what September means for us. For some it’s the beginning of the year end rush, for others the start of new projects after the summer break. She was helped by our timer Lynn and grammarian Zhenzhen who introduced the word Euphoria as the word of the day. Our first speaker Carrie spoke about the cold water challenge and why she is still (after several months) taking cold showers, as she enjoys the enhanced emotional resilience, a better mood and increased discipline.Our second speaker Dani delivered a colourful description of her life in London in three chapters with a final call to action to make the most of our beautiful city! Shola was our third speaker and gave a provocative speech about three generations and the differences between Babyboomers, Gen X and Millennials using research to illustrate her points.Our tabletopics master was Emma, who introduced a hilarious theme for the second part of the meeting. She opened the annual convention for the common sense party where several ministers where asked to present their plans to make Britain normal again.  Kerry announced the next shape for the island as a circle, Celina introduced her many creative ideas for a new British passport including a coat of arms and pride colours. Aga announced how Leicester would become an amazing seaside resort and finally Sheiley convinced us of the importance to restore the notoriety of  traditional British pub food. Dani won the award for best speaker, Julia for best evaluator and Aga for best tabletopic speaker. At the end of the evening Carrie delivered a toast as we were sad to say goodbye to our lovely member Dani, but wish her all the best as she starts a new chapter back in Australia. It was great to see so many guests at the evening, we hope you enjoyed it and we look forward to welcoming you again.

Club announcements: Many dates for your diaries:25 September: area contest of area L47 at London Business School, they need help for judges and support roles26 September: area contest of area K3 near London Bridge, need help too.13 October: division contest at London Business School, more info soon.14 November: City Women speakers Christmas party. Please let me know if you’d like to help organise planning the party.

Best wishes,


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