What an epic evening full of fun! Ailsa was the Toastmaster and led us through the meeting with the theme “in our element”. 

We had 4 prepared speeches. The meeting started with Marianna delivering her “icebreaker” first speech “My Life in 3 Stages”. She walked us through her journey of connecting her life with her body and heart. Well done Marianna on taking the first step in your Toastmaster journey.

The second speech was from Suzannah with speech #2 in the Competent Communication manual (“CC”) “The Paradox of Choice”. Suz told us that some choice is better than no choice; however, too much choice can have a negative effect and may result in paralysis, dissatisfaction and self-blame. Simplifying your lifestyle is one way to reduce the number of choices we are faced with every day.

This was followed by Anqi with a speech entitled “Queue” to tick off project #7 in the CC manual “Research Your Topic”. In her speech, Anqi gave us a brief history of the queue during Qing Dynasty in China. We now know that a queue also means a specific hair style for Chinese men over the last 400 years.

The last speech was given by Nadine with her 4th from the Entertaining Speaker advanced manual. Nadine used her own experiences to demonstrate that “Everything Happens for a Reason”. It was a truly dramatic and moving speech. 

Thank you to Barbora for leading us through an amazing and challenging table topics session (impromptu speaking), Unpopular Messages, during the second half of the evening. 

Our evaluators were Jane, Julia, Shola, Zhenzhen and one of our guests Prajesh. Thank you all! Special thanks to our General Evaluator Chris Lynam from Berkeley Square Speakers club.

Thank you also to our Grammarian Dani for providing the word of the day Audacious and to our Timekeeper Elizabeth (Welcome back, Elizabeth!).   

Best Speaker went to Nadine, Best Table Topics Speaker to one of our guests Dan, and Best Evaluator was awarded jointly to Julia and Zhenzhen.

As always, we had several guests including (Chloe, Chris, Dan, Prajesh, Subhadra and our Area Direct Armelle); we hope you enjoyed our club meeting and that we can welcome you again soon!