What an amazing summer evening.

Barbora was the Toastmaster and led us through the meeting with the theme around organisational skills. We were honoured to have Fabio De Sio, the winner of District 91 International Speech Contest, back in our club to deliver another speech.

In total, we had 3 prepared speeches.

The meeting started with Sin delivering her icebreaker speech in the Persuasive Influence Pathway “Lost and Found”. She took us through her journey of finding her own voice. It had grown throughout her school life and felt lost again when she joined the City of London. Sin has joined  Toastmaster to find her voice again.

Next up was Emma with her 3rd speech in the Persuasive Influence Pathway “Look Up”.  Emma revealed how she had been caught up in the latest epidemic of screen addiction.   She now wages a war against this technology and called for us to look up and save our brains from further atrophy.

The Power of Shame” was delivered by our special speaker Fabio, preparing for the final of the International Speech Contest, in Chicago. It gave us a snapshot of the extreme and rebellious way to he hid the “shame” of being homosexual and how he hit rock bottom.  We were relieved to hear that he picked himself up and embarked on a new, fresh and less destructive way of life.  We wish him all the best of the big contest in late August this year.

Thank you to Marianna for leading us through a fun table topics session (impromptu speaking) involving different pairs of funky glasses during the second half of the evening.

Our Evaluators were Anqi, Carrie and Shola. Thank you also to our Grammarian Rowena for providing the word of the day Succinct and to our Timekeeper Iris.

As there were only two speeches from our members, we didn’t vote for Best SpeakerBest Table Topics speaker went to one of our guests Stephanie, and Best Evaluator was awarded to Carrie.
As always, we had several guests including Anastasia, Annalis, Chantelle, Cleona, Leanne, Lisa, Kate, Natalie, Ruohan, Stephanie, Tanveer.

We hope you enjoyed our club meeting and that we can welcome you again soon!

Anqi (Acting President)