To City Women Speakers

This was a meeting of many “firsts”:

  • Kiran was flawless in her first time as being the virtual Toastmaster
  • Armelle delivered her first Icebreaker speech
  • Jenny attended her first CWS as a member (welcome to the club, Jenny)
  • Rachel took on her first role (Timer)
  • Julia attending her first virtual City Women Speakers meeting
  • I could go on as there were other “firsts” but one big one I want to broadcast……
  • We had our first-ever virtual Table Topics session!!!

In keeping with our aim to have meetings of less than 1.5 hours, we allowed time for just two Prepared Speeches (& their evaluations) followed by a quick break, before the long-awaited Table Topics section.

Kiran reigned over the meeting as Toastmaster – quite apt given the Word of the Day Reigned as provided by Marianna our Grammarian. One of our newest members, Rachel kept her eye on the stopwatch in her role as Timer ensuring people adhered to the agenda timings.

Dena delivered her 2nd speech Trust – the cornerstone of relationships relating her observations of trust back to Sir David Attenborough, who has been named the most trusted celebrity in the UK.

Armelle delivered her Pathway’s Icebreaker speech What is the plan this time? Referring to her previous years as a Toastmaster and what she learned that time around, she contemplates the new learnings as she works through her Path.  Her experience of staying true to herself and never “forcing a speech” was good advice to all who listened, regardless of the number of speeches any of us have delivered.

The speeches were evaluated by Shruti and Jo, both of whom exemplified the skill of Active Listening, along with providing praise and encouragement to the Speakers.

After an absence of nearly 3 months, we had a Table Topics section!! Yayyyyyyy.   Table Topics Princess Anastasia issued a Royal Decree to each of the TT Speakers (Laura, Eve, Lynn, Kate and Jenny) demanding each speaker create an impromptu speech based around 3 randomly selected words.    We heard TT’s using: Sunscreen+Winter+Fork, Boris Johnson+Butterfly+Cover, Gondola+Error+Digestion, Knee+Cherry+Mesmorising and finally Map+Toddler+Pink Squirrel. These were evaluated by Esmé.

Best Evaluator: Esmé

Best Table Topics: Jenny (BTW – her TT was largely factual despite Map+Toddler+Pink Squirrel being her 3 words)

Best Speaker: No Best Speaker – we only have this when there are 3 or more Prepared Speeches
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Carrie Gow