Meeting Theme: Your Favourite Sounds

Meeting Word of the Day: Demeanour

President’s Message for the Club: Connections

Being part of City Women Speakers provides us with the opportunity to connect every 2 weeks.  If you’re one of our lucky committee members, you get to connect more frequently, forming relationships that go beyond the activities of running the club.    At Division L’s Humorous Speech and Table Topics Speech contest on 23 November, CWS members had the chance to connect in different ways; a member of the audience, a Judge, a Timer, a Contest Chair and a Contestant. 

Over the coming months, there will be many opportunities for you to connect with fellow Toastmasters.  Take advantage of these to form new connections and strengthen existing ones.  Who knows where the connections will take you in 2020?

Our Meeting: 27 November

Nayeli inspired the audience with The Happiness Advantage, the first speech of the evening, telling us that rather than working hard to find happiness, if we find happiness first, not only will our productivity increase but we’ll wire our brain to spot happiness in our day-to-day lives. 

With New Year’s Resolutions just around the corner, Jo gave us three tips in her speech How do I manage to fit in regular Gym time despite the time-strapped life she leads.

Nicely complementing the “connections” theme, Kate provided 4 easy to use hints and tips on Building your network which we can put to use over the coming few weeks of Christmas Parties.

Our final “speech” was from an advanced manual. Instead of a traditional speech, it was a reading from Roald Dahl’s “Danny Champion of the World”.  We closed our eyes and let JT transport us to the farm kitchen, where Danny and his father talked about The Horse-Hair Stopper and the Sticky Hat complete with chicken sounds, kettles boiling and mugs of cocoa being brewed.

After a 10-minute break, our 7 guests introduced themselves before we moved onto Table Topics, the impromptu speaking part of the meeting.  Our Table Topics Master, Jo, continued with the Fitness and Exercise theme of her earlier speech asking questions which revealed things such as tips for maintaining a fitness regime, how to gain muscle weight, how to perform “yoga at your desk”, and starting sporting activities like diving.

The speeches were evaluated by Sin, Lynn, Ailsa and EsméDebbie was this evening’s Timer and Rowena was the Grammarian, with demeanour being the Word of the Day.


Best Speaker: JT

Best Evaluator: Ailsa

Best Table Topics: Shruti

Favourite Sounds:

Waves, classical music, a wood-burning fire, a scuba-diver’s bubbles, a cat’s purr, champagne cork popping

Who closed their eyes?

I won’t divulge the names of those who accepted JT’s invitation to close their eyes whilst she delivered her interpretative reading speech but I can reveal at least 12 of us did.

Events for your diary:

  • 11 December: Christmas Party. Venue: LGIM. Please RSVP to me (Carrie)
  • 8 January: Evaluate Without Notes workshop
  • 4 March: CWS’s International Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest
  • 17 April: Division L’s International Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest
  • 1-3 May: District 91’s Conference
  • 5-8 August: Toastmasters International Convention – Paris

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