It was great to see so many at our meeting last Wednesday.

Our Toastmaster Helen had a fantastic theme to guide us through the evening, introducing every speaker with their favourite city in the world. She was helped by our timer Debbie and grammarian Jane who introduced the word of the day – courage.

Marieke delivered her icebreaker speech, always a big moment.  During her speech, titled “I Don’t Actually Hate This”, she eloquently explained that she doesn’t actually hate public speaking, and that it’s more a case of getting nervous about the idea of speaking. She walked us through her experience of public speaking in primary school, secondary school and as she started her working life.

Maria delivered the second speech of the evening & talked about politics. Whilst at first she was warned about politics being dirty, she now recognises the importance and sometimes necessity of being political, whether to build relationships with senior colleagues or to gain business.

JT and Siobhán evaluated the two speeches.

The second half of the evening was led by our Table Topics master Sin who brought a day in London as her theme. We heard from Carrie, myself, Jasmine, Jim, Jane and JT about what happens on a typical day in London, from driving a bus through Wimbledon, where to get the best street food, getting funding for a new app, inviting EC3 out for lunch, selling paintings and drinking delicious cocktails. The Tabletopics were evaluated by Zhenzhen.

Jane won the award for best Tabletopics speaker and Zhenzhen the award for best Table Topics speaker.

Club announcements:

Committee vacancies: at the meeting on Wednesday I announced that we will be looking to find a new VP Education starting in January to replace Carrie, so she can focus on her area director role and a VP Membership for end of February to replace Zhenzhen as she goes on maternity leave. Both replacements would be until end of June 2019 – when formal committee elections will take place and a new Toastmaster year begins.  Both roles are truly exciting and provide an excellent opportunity to get more involved with the club, learn leadership skills whilst having fun and getting to know everyone.

Please do let me know if you are interested, the roles are available to everyone who is excited about the idea of contributing to the club’s success no matter how long or short you have been a member of the club.

Jane using the club banner as a prop in her winning Table Topic
Zhenzhen (& bump) collecting Best Evaluator
Icebreaker – Done!
Debbie’s first role (Timer)