This was our 3rd virtual meeting and the 2nd one with guests in attendance.  We had guests from 4 other Toastmaster clubs; Bank Speakers, PMI Toastmasters, Surbiton Speakers and UAE Ladies Toastmasters plus we had 3 or 4 others who are interested in joining our network.  In addition to this, we had 18 members zooooom into our view!

We had 3 prepared speeches and as per the previous virtual meetings we skipped the impromptu speaking component (Table Topics) in favour of keeping the meeting time down to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Joyce, a guest from Surbiton Speakers, delivered a speech as part of the District 91 Toastmasters Sales Pitch Challenge. Joyce was encouraging our members to sign up for the D91 Conference that was taking place virtually on the 2nd and 3rd of May.  She was highly successful in her efforts as a number of us registered for the event as a result of hearing her talk.

Shruti had the audience transported back to their childhood with her rendition of Little Red Riding Hood, but this ending had a modern twist. I didn’t know where to look – at Shruti with her energetic body language and incredibly expressive face or the individual webcams of the attendees, with their delight in the story clearly evident on their faces.

Next up, it was my turn to deliver a speech Keep your chin up? Is that the best you can do? This was my plea to people who say “Keep your chin up” to consider reconsidering their words and instead use other words to convey support as “keep your chin up” has a surprising contrary effect on surprising number of people.

The speeches were evaluated by JoGeorgina and KiranAga was our effortless Toastmaster guiding us through the evening, Anju was the Timer and Armelle the Grammarian with the Phrase of the Day Down to earth.
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Carrie Gow