Our meeting was in it’s usual format with 4 prepared speeches + their evaluations, then a 10 break before we had guest introductions and our impromptu speaking session, Table Topics.

Amina​, one of our newest members, kicked off the night with her Icebreaker speech ​Stories and Numbers​, skilfully relating her experience travelling through Ethiopia and Somaliland, listening to 300 year-old stories being passed on by people with no education to how she communicates at work and completing the circle by explaining her reasons for joining Toastmasters.

Emma delivered the 3rd speech in her Level Two Path, thus completing that level, with ​Mentorship​, telling us about her first mentor, a mild-mannered man called Gordon (I do love an alliteration!) and how he mentored her in many things, including cutting out the 3 spoons of sugar she used to have in her coffee. Emma wrapped her speech up reflecting on her experience as a mentor and how she is still influenced from her time with Gordon, all those years back.

Eve completed Level 1 with ​The Performance of Niceness​, causing us all to ponder our smiles; authentic, strategic or neutral and what these expressions convey to others.

You could hear a pin drop as ​JT​, who has been a member of our club since 2009, delivered The Oratorial Speech from an advanced manual, reading from a lecture delivered by Virginia Woolf on “​Women in Fiction​”.

The speeches were evaluated by Nayeli, Zori, Jo and ​Barbora​, each of whom provided commendations and recommendations on the speeches.

After the break, our Sargent at Arms, ​Jo​, lead us through the introductions of our guests; ​Corina, Iyesha, Jess, Vivian, Faye​ and Elza and then it was time for our ​Table Topics Master​, Siobhán to challenge us on what we’d do if given a specific super power such as invisibility, mind reading, flying and shape-shifting.

Best Speaker : Eve
Best Evaluator: Barbora
Best Table Topic: JT

Dates to note for the coming months:

  • 23 November​: Division L Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest. Come and support Eve who is representing both our club and Area L56. The event starts at 09.30 and in between the two contests there is a workshop on Humorous Table Topics. Register Here:
  • 11 December​: Xmas Party. This is a members-only event held at LGIM. We will have 4 speeches and the rest of the evening will be dedicated to drinks and nibbles and networking. We have £50 from District 91 to go towards funding the event (thanks to Rowena’s speedy processing of paperwork this year)
  • 4 March 2020: CWS Club International Speech and Evaluation Contest – yes – the next contest season is just around the corner. To take part in the International Speech Contest, you need to have completed Level One and Level Two in Pathways (or 6 speeches from the Competent Communicator Manual) so get in touch with Aga and get your speeches scheduled. The Evaluation Contest is open to everyone so get practising – contact Aga and ask to be an evaluator at an upcoming meeting
  • TBC L56 Area Contest
  • 17 April 2020: Division L International Speech and Evaluation Contest
  • 1-3 May 2020 District 91 Conference and International Speech and Evaluation Contest – this event is an investment with regards to both time and money but it’s a super fab 3 day experience and one that I will be signing up for again, for the 3rd time in a row. I don’t have any details of the location but I suspect it is London based this year.

Please click here for details of our next club meeting

Carrie Gow