It was great to see so many of you for our special meeting on Wednesday. Our Toastmaster Carrie started the meeting as usual with speeches and in the second half of the meeting we all participated in the club’s moment of truth workshop. Jane delivered a speech from the public relations manual on the power of mastering public speaking and how Toastmasters can help. She gave a thought provoking argument using the US presidential candidates to illustrate her point with passion.Siobhán delivered her third speech, incorporating feedback she had previously received to further improve her Inbox Zero speech. She urged us all to apply “medical treatment” to managing our full inboxes to limit our time spent on emails. The two speeches were evaluated by Aga and Sim. After the break our club discussed how we’re doing in the six key moments in Toastmasters and I would like to thank you all for your participation and honest feedback. We assessed first impressions, membership orientation, fellowship & variety, program planning & meeting organisation, membership strengths and achievement recognition. Rest assured that the committee will be discussing all your suggestions for improvement and you’ll hear from us on how we have taken these into account soon.Club announcements: PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR CHRISTMAS PARTY ON 14 NOVEMBER AT THE VESTRY

Hope to see many of you there.Best wishes,Esmé