It was great to see most of you last Wednesday. What an inspirational and productive meeting!

For the first half of the meeting, we continued our discussion on the impact of the separation from WIBF and the future of our club. I was really glad to see the positivity amongst all of you and to have your support. With the majority vote from all members present at the meeting, here is the voting result on the club value and club name:-

  • Club Value– the club will continue to be open to everyone, with a focus on women development.
  • Club Name– I am pleased to announce that our club now has an exacting new name – City Women Speakers.

With your support, I and my committee are confident that our club will remain strong and continue to fulfil its purpose of supporting us, the women, on enhancing the communication and leadership skills to achieve our goals and dreams.

The second half of the meeting was the prepared speeches session led by the Toastmaster of the evening Dani with the theme “the importance of a name”. The theme not only echoes with the significance of the evening, but also helped us to know each other a little bit better and brings us closer.

We had 2 prepared speeches in the evening. It started with Lan’sthird speech in the Competent Communication manual (“CC”) with the speech entitled “Legacy”. Lan used historic events and her personal story to describe and reflect on the progress the society have made on women’s right. She was once puzzled, confused and dwarfed by the mountains she faced to achieve her ambition. But now she has never been so determined to pick the mountain to fight for her dream and pave the way for the women come after.

The second speaker was Carrie, and it was her 10th speech in the CC – A big congratulations to Carrie on completing the CC manual – what a great achievement! The title of the speech was “Does it leave you breathless”. Carrie used the speech to tell us her passion for diving – how much time and resources she has devoted to diving, how she found out that she couldn’t dive and how her love for diving helped her to overcome the obstacles and she is still diving! It certainly left all of us in the room breathless. What a remarkable story to mark the end of the CC manual. Well done, Carrie! We look forward to your first advanced speech!

A big thank you to our evaluators Ailsa and Esmé, to our grammarian Jane for providing the word of the day Adventure and to our timekeeper Angie.

As we only had two speakers and two evaluators, there was no voting on the Best Speakers and Best Evaluators.

As always, we had several guests includingSoufiane, Donna and Sue; we hope you enjoyed our club meeting and that we can welcome you again soon! If you would like to visit us, please register via the Eventbrite link here.