Carrie was our Toastmaster who mixed things up (in a good and exciting way) for this meeting and Anqi was our Table Topics Master with a “retro” theme. They were helped by our timer Elena and grammarian Katri who introduced morass as the word of the day.

Barbora delivered her 9th project of the Competent Communicator manual and gave a passionate speech about what she would like to see changed in the housing block where she lives, very well illustrated with pictures ranging from the locked-up & disused, poorly maintained playground (which the kids break into to use) to health & safety issues the children are exposed to.

Siobhan delivered her icebreaker speech and spoke about how being globally curious led her to joining Toastmasters. She also convinced us of the importance of being globally curious. Marianna started her first pathways project with a new icebreaker called “Into the Future”. She talked about her past which was spent taking care of the kids, having more time for herself now in the present and her goal to be wealthy and healthy in the future. The speeches were evaluated by Emma, myself and James respectively. Anqi led a great table topics session asking us to sell old-fashioned items such as a walkman to millennials, a fax machine to teenagers, as well as boardgames, a horse-drawn carriage and a landline. Barbora won the award for best speaker, Emma the award for best evaluator and Alice the award for best table topics speaker.

Club announcements: We will hold our club humorous speech and table topics contest on 5 September. We need contestants, helpers and people to participate in judge swaps! Please contact Carrie, Dani and myself if you want to participate. Area 56 will organise the area contest on the 20th of September. Judges are needed on 6 September (evening) for Bank Speakers, 10 September (evening) at Data Science, 11 September (evening) at Blackrock speaks, and 7 September (lunch) at Deutsche Bank.We are still looking for a permanent Sergeant at Arms to join the committee. This is a great role for anyone who wants to get more involved with the club, understand how the committee works and gain further communication skills! Hope to see many of you on 22 August!