What a festive evening! We had a great party to celebrate the end of another successful year for our club and to hand over to the new committee.

Thank you to Emma and Jane for organising such a fabulous evening with delicious food in a lovely venue!

Ailsa, as our acting president for the night, reminded us of the many achievements of the club under the leadership of Anqi; including the transition away from WIBF which resulted in the renaming of our club to City Women Speakers, moving onto the new Toastmasters education program, Pathways and implementing GDPR. A year in which our club thrived and attracted many new members.

Ailsa announced the new committee:

President: Esmé

Vice President of Education: Dani

Vice President of Membership: Zhenzhen

Vice President of Public Relations: Marianna

Secretary: Elena

Temporary Sergeant at Arms: Angie

Treasurer: Rowena

After the club AGM, Jane led us through the evening as both the Toastmaster and Table Topics Master for the night.

Carrie delivered a speech entitled Bloody Thirsty, encouraging us to donate our blood. We learnt some interesting facts about the history of blood transfusion, how one man had saved 2.4 million babies and the health benefits from blood donation.

JT delivered a monodrama speech from an advanced manual reading a letter from Dear Female Founder. She delivered some powerful messages about self-confidence and seeking new opportunities whilst looking after your mind and body.

JT has kindly shared some more info on the subject of her speech:

Dear Female Founder book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0995608105/

The woman who wrote the letter JT shared: Paulina Sygulska, Co-Founder of GrantTree

Lu Li (who came up with the idea for the book and edited it) has a weekly newsletter: http://bloomingfounders.com/newsletter

The speeches were evaluated by Marianna and Aileen, and Zhenzhen and Esmé served as Timer and Grammarian.

After two speeches and delicious food, we had a fun table-topics session discussing what Venus Williams thinks of her sister Serena, and how to approach short skirts and period accidents in the workplace. We then played “who am I?”, discovering the achievements of many successful women including Marie Curie, Janet Yellen, Malala and Christine Lagarde.

It was a fun evening and I am thrilled to be serving you as the new club president in the coming year. I look forward to seeing many of you at our first meeting of the new Toastmasters year on 11 July.


Esmé explaining the Grammarian role
Members of the outgoing 2017-2018 committee, and members of the incoming 2018-2019 team (some members were absent)