Where and When

If you would like to attend as a guest please register in advance. Unregistered visitors cannot be allowed in the building.


City Women Speakers meet every other Wednesday. There is only one meeting a month when guests can attend. The other meeting is members only to ensure that our members get the ongoing level of commitment from the club and support in their development journey.


We meet at 6 pm for a 6:15 pm start, and meetings finish around 8:15 pm. 



Nearest station: Moorgate 

Over 300 Meetings Held

If you want to get a feel for what our meetings are like, take a look at the summaries from our recent club meetings.

Please sign up via our EventBrite page if you’d like to come along as a guest so that we can arrange a security pass for you.

For as long as I remember, I’ve had a huge elephant in the room when it comes to speaking publicly – this goes for a range of groups/situations/sizes. I joined City Women Speakers to improve on where I have been for decades. What truly surprised me was that within 3 months I went from crumbling inside when speaking for 30 seconds to setting up and chairing a community action group in my town. It’s uncomfortable and emotionally intense at times yet the rewards are immense. I can’t recommend this club enough – whether you have an anxiety, right through to being an accomplished speaker that wants to become even better, this group of women will help you get there.

Katie Overton

Vice President Membership